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عضو فـعّـال

افتراضي قصة سيدنا يحيى عليه السلام

قصة سيدنا يحيى عليه السلام

I'm prophet Zechariah, was born in response to a prayer to God to give him Zakaria righteous and started to sign his birth that does not speak to the people for three nights together, Yahya was a prophet and Hsoura and righteous, as righteous pious and devout since his youth.


Said the news of the birth of Yahya, peace be upon him in the story of Prophet Zechariah. The Almighty has the right to him that he did not make him like not seen before, a prophet who said it right: (and affection of the DNA) ..

As Oti vegetables note of the born of God, is given tribute of affection born of God, and the concept of science, and compassion is the science which is common in totalitarian fabric deep love of the objects and mercy towards them, as if the affection degree of love that comes from science.

I used to stay in the prophets, a model that is unparalleled in piety and asceticism and love of God .. Prophet was a hermit.
Was lit for love in all beings, and I love people and loved the birds and beasts, deserts, mountains, and then squandered his blood right word spoken at the court of the king is unjust, on a matter related to Bracsp punk.

Preferred Yahyaa:

The scientists preferred to restore and list so many examples.
Yahya was a contemporary of Jesus, and close to the mother's side (his mother's cousin) ..

Troy year to restore and Jesus met days.

Jesus said to greet: I ask forgiveness of my tribute ..
You are the best of me.

Yahya said: "O Jesus I ask forgiveness.
You are the best of me.

Issa said: but you are better than me ..
Handed over to myself and peace upon you.

The story refers to the preferred salutes when he handed him the day he was born the day he dies, and on resurrect.

It is said that the Messenger of Allah peace be upon him went to his companions one day and found them Itmakron virtue of the prophets.

Someone said: Moses mouthpiece of God.

He said to say: Jesus the Spirit of God and His Word.

Someone said: Ibrahim Khalil Allah.

He went on talking about the companions of the prophets, the Prophet intervened and peace do not remember when he saw them live. Where I'm martyr martyr? Wear hair and eat the trees for fear of guilt.
Where Yahya bin Zakaria?

Early Life:

Yahya Ould peace be upon him .. The miracle of birth .. He came to his father after the age of Zechariah so long despaired Sheikh Atomic ..
The move followed a call by the pure heart of the Prophet Zechariah.

Yahya Ould peace be upon him came a strange childhood for a minimum of children .. Most of the children engaged in fun, but he was serious all the time .. Some of the children playing with torturing animals, and was mobbed by feeding animals and birds from the mercy of his food, and affection it, and it remains without food ..
Or eat the leaves or fruit.

The greater the age increased salutes the light in his face and his heart is filled with wisdom and love of God, knowledge and peace. And Yahya loves reading, was read in the science of his childhood ..
So when a boy called him the mercy of his Lord: (O Yahya, take the book strongly and gave him rule boys).

Ordered to restore a boy to take the book strongly, meaning that the book is being taught securely book of the law .. Living by God's demand to know the law and justice among the people as a boy .. I know the wisdom of the people and most of his time he studied law a complete study, which is why God Attah governance as a boy ..
The judge between people, and shows them the secrets of religion, and he knew the right path and warn them of the error.

And the large salutes Fsad knowledge, and increased his mercy, and increased the affection of his parents, and the people, creatures, birds, and trees .. Even with the affection of the world and filled it with mercy .. Was calling people to repent from sin, and God calls them .. There was no man hates restore or wishes him harm. He was loved for the affection and zakaah and piety and his knowledge and virtues ..
And then increased to restore the Baltnsk.

And Yahya if he stands among the people to invite them to Obkahm God of love and reverence ..
And the impact of words in their hearts honestly and being close to the Covenant of God and the covenant of God ..

The morning came the tribute to the people .. Mosque filled with people, and stop Yahya bin Zakaria and began talking .. He said: Allah the Almighty told me the words I do, and I command you to work out .. To worship Allah alone without a partner .. It is engaged in Allah and the other is like Abdul Abdul bought his master so he works and causes the price of work to master non-master .. "Which of you loves to be servant, so ..? And command you to pray because God looks to his servant as he prayed, what did not turn from his prayer .. If you pray Fajcawa .. And he commanded to fast .. The likeness of that man with a bundle of keeping a beautiful smell, the more this man walked to please them the scent of musk-perfumed. And he commanded the remembrance of Allah Almighty often, such a request by his enemies like a man made haste to close it a fortress it .. And the greatest forts God ..
Not survive without this fort.

The face of the King:

One of the kings of that time tyrant of a narrow mind stupid heart rages in his opinion, and corruption was widespread in his court ..
And he could hear the occasional news Yahya Vidhish because people love anyone so much, a king, however, does not like one.

The king wants to marry the daughter of his brother, as he admired her beauty, which is also coveted by the king, and encouraged her mother to do so. They know that this is forbidden in their religion. Fard King to take the permission of Yahyaa.
I went Yahya consulting a Tableegh funds to exclude the king.

Does not have any embarrassment the girl to marry haraam, it has been a prostitute whore. But Yahyaa announced to the public prohibition of marriage for girls from her uncle. So people know - that the king did it - that this deviation.
King became angry and dropped in his hand, He refused to marry.

But the girl was still hungry for a king. One night I took promiscuous girl sings and dances Voradha King Nevshn she refuses, she said: But to marry me. He said: How has forbidden us to marry Yahya. She said: bring me the head Yehia foals for me.
And seduced by the temptation to severe ordered in a timely manner to bring his head Yahya.

Soldiers entered and went to Yahya, a praying in the mihrab.
And killed him, and gave his head on the dish to the king, introduced the dish to this prostitute and married haraam.

I hope you like it

اذا اعجبك الموضوع و اردت نشره في المنتديات الاخرى فاستخدم هذا الرابط:
قصة سيدنا يحيى عليه السلام

التعديل الأخير تم بواسطة hames ; 25-07-2010 الساعة 10:52 PM
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